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2. Data retention into perpetuity

Schedule 1 to the Public Records Act 1958 defines public records as “records of any office, commission or other body or establishment whatsoever under Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom”. The list of bodies and establishments whose administrative and departmental records are public records includes the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists. It follows that I have an obligation under the Public Records Act 1958 to identify records which ought to be permanently preserved and to transfer them to the National Archives.

I intend to archive the entire Register (the registration information of all those registered, at end of each calendar year, and the quarterly return information, at the end of each quarter), so it is available to search by interested parties for a period of five calendar years. The Office will continue to retain all archived Registers so it can respond properly to enquiries from the public and I will also transfer the information to the National Archive for permanent preservation.

Information in the News section of my website will be removed after 12 months, unless it is in the public interest for it to remain. Any information retained for more than 12 months will have the date of next review published on the face of the document. Such information will not be transferred to the National Archive when it is removed unless it is in the public interest to do so, although the Office will maintain its own archive in the event of enquiries from the public. I intend to retain official publications (such as my business plan and statement of accounts) in the Publications section for five years to reflect the importance of these documents. After this time, those documents will be transferred to the National Archive.