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3. Publication of registration information

The Act requires that the following information is provided at the point of initial registration:

  • Its name, its registered number and the address of its registered office, and
  • The names of its directors and of any secretary and any shadow directors (see further clarification below);
Partnership The names of all the partners and the address of its main office or place of business (this can be the address from which lobbying is conducted)
Individual The individual’s name and the address of the individual’s main place of business (or, if there is no such place, the individual’s residence, or alternative business address where the individual may be contacted)
 All VAT registration number
 All Any name or names, not included under paragraphs above, under which the person carries on business as a consultant lobbyist
 All A statement of:

  • Whether there is in place an undertaking by the person to comply with a relevant code of conduct, and
  • if so, where a copy of the code may be inspected.

According to section 6 (3), ‘…where a person applies… to be entered in the Register, the Registrar must register the person before the end of the period of 4 working days beginning with the day after the day on which the application is received…’

I have interpreted this requirement such that if there are significant problems of clarification of information about registration, it is reasonable to delay publication whilst those problems are being clarified.

Once the registration information has been published, and the registrant intends to continue the business of consultant lobbying, the record will continue unamended, unless and until, new information comes to light either from the registrant; from the administrative checks of the Office; or from other sources. If the change is an administrative error (e.g. a spelling mistake) it would be my intention to correct it, without recording the previous information. If the change is substantive (e.g. a change to a code of conduct), the previous information will be recorded on the Register (e.g. “previous Code of Conduct”, with the date of change). The exception to this is when a link is provided to the Companies House list of partners of an organisation (in circumstances where the numbers of partners is very large), which may be constantly updated-it is my intention to offer this facility as soon as technically possible.

In the event that the registrant ceases the business of consultant lobbying, the whole record will continue to be published for a period of 12 calendar months, from the date that registration ceased. The entry in the Register will read: “Name ceased the business of consultant lobbying on date”.