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Requirements to register


As Registrar, I am committed to the effective operation of a statutory Register of Consultant Lobbyists that enables greater transparency of the lobbying process.

The Register is intended to enhance transparency of the work of those who seek to influence decision-makers and to allow the public to scrutinise whose interests are being represented. It is also an opportunity for consultant lobbyists to make clear the codes of conduct (if any) to which they subscribe.

Central to the success of the Register is ensuring that all stakeholders have the tools and information necessary to comply with the requirement to register. Since the launch of the Register on 25 March 2015, I have issued a number of information bulletins and engaged individually with organisations and representative bodies to clarify and interpret the Act. I am now incorporating those clarifications into an updated version of the guidance; this document supersedes the previous registration guidance and information bulletins which are being removed from my website from 12 November 2015.

I have issued separate guidance about compliance, which is complementary to this guidance document. I have a range of civil and criminal powers of enforcement in the event of non-compliance, but it remains my primary intention to continue to communicate with and educate those who meet the criteria of consultant lobbying to help and support them to comply.

Yours sincerely,

Alison J. White