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Freedom of Information

The Registrar is committed to the provisions and principles of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘FoIA’), and has adopted without modification the model publication scheme produced by the Information Commissioner. The Registrar will also look to make information available in response to requests, unless there is good reason to apply an exemption.

Although each request will be considered on its own merits, the Registrar will generally not release papers from an investigation into whether an organisation or individual has complied with the requirements of the Transparency of Lobbying [etc] Act 2014. Section 31 of FoIA (Law enforcement) will apply to these cases, and section 30(2) will also often be engaged where information is provided to the Registrar in confidence during the investigation.

Making a Freedom of Information request

Prior to making an FoI request, you may find it helpful to read the general guidance on how to make a request. However, when making an FoI request to the Registrar, please use the email address