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Summary of Investigation – Lowick Group

Published on: Tuesday 28th April 2020

April 2020

Organisation or Person Investigated

Lowick Group

Matter(s) Investigated

Whether the Lowick Group’s activities are such that they should be
entered on the Register of Consultant Lobbyists.

Registrar’s Decision

There is no evidence of consultant lobbying historically, but Lowick
Group are likely to need to register themselves in prospect of future work.
Summary of rationale for decision: Though the services promoted on Lowick Group’s
website might potentially include consultant lobbying activity, Lowick Group have given an
express assurance that at 20 April 2020 they have not undertaken such activity, and no
evidence has been provided to the Registrar to prove the contrary. Lowick have sought the
Registrar’s advice in relation to some forthcoming work and it is likely this will require
registration and declaration.


1 April 2020

ORCL receives an email from a third party, drawing attention
to the services offered by Lowick Group on their website, and
their lack of inclusion on the Register of Consultant Lobbyists.
2 April 2020 Initial letter of enquiry from Registrar emailed to Lowick Group,
outlining statutory requirements in relation to Register of
Consultant Lobbyists and seeking comment and assurances
from Lowick. Email also sent to third party informant, requesting
details of any specific statutory breach they may have been
aware of.
15 April 2020 Phone call from ORCL to chase lack of response from
Lowick Group. Further copy of Registrar’s letter of 2 April
emailed following conversation.
17 April 2020 Reply received from Lowick Group suggesting lack of
historic consultant lobbying, but possible need to register in
respect of forthcoming work.
20 April 2020 Email from ORCL to Lowick seeking explicit confirmation of
no consultant lobbying activity to date. Email reply received,
providing that explicit confirmation.

28 April 2020

Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists