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Investigation case summary – New Statesman event emails

Published on: Monday 10th June 2019

Organisation or person investigated 

New Statesman

Matter(s) investigated

Possible unregistered consultant lobbying by New Statesman.

Registrar’s decision

New Statesman did not meet statutory criteria for consultant lobbying in relation to the activities in question

Summary of rationale for decision

Explicit confirmation from New Statesman that the event in question did not go ahead, and that they do not communicate with Ministers about Government business and on behalf of sponsors. Accordingly, New Statesman did not meet the statutory definition of consultant lobbying in relation to the activities in question.


12 July 2017  Indicative information received from third party (anonymity requested) of possible unregistered consultant lobbying activity by New Statesman in relation to organising an event that a Minister would be invited to attend.
21 July 2017  Letter from Registrar to New Statesman, drawing attention to requirements for registration, stating evidence had been received of possible consultant lobbying, and seeking response.
18 September 2017  In absence of reply, Registrar writes again to New Statesman, using alternate contact details.
23 November 2017  In absence of a reply, statutory Information Notice issued to New Statesman.
15 January 2018  Reply received by ORCL stating simply that New Statesman do not believe they act as consultant lobbyist and don’t therefore need to register (no reasoning given to support that). Further set of contact details provided for any future correspondence on the matter.
31 January 2018  Further letter from Registrar to New Statesman, using the further set of contact details, advising that a more substantive response to the Information Notice would be required.