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Summary of Investigation – Three Lines Sport

Tuesday 10th August 2021

August 2021

Organisation or Person Investigated

Three Lines Sport Ltd and MR Sport and Mark Ramsdale

Matter(s) Investigated

Whether Three Lines Sport Ltd, MR Sport or Mark Ramsdale (“Mr Ramsdale”) are
unregistered consultant lobbyists

Registrar’s Decision

That the communications Mr Ramsdale disclosed constitute consultant lobbying. The
consultant lobbyist(s) whether Three Lines Sport Ltd, MR Sport or Mark Ramsdale should
join the Register immediately.

Summary of Rationale for Decision

Communications with Ministers on behalf of a paying client, including All Party Parliamentary
Groups (APPGs), is consultant lobbying. This includes attending meetings with a Minister
and writing to a Minister on behalf of a client. The consultant lobbyist(s) has a statutory
requirement to join the Register immediately. No civil penalty notice will be issued because
Mr Ramsdale sought and complied with advice from the Office of the Registrar of Consultant
Lobbyists (ORCL) in 2016 and the APPG guidance has changed since that time.


2 AugustFormal letter from the Registrar to Mr Ramsdale, giving background on the Act
and asking him to consider whether he or his organisations have undertaken
relevant communications within the scope of the Act in general and with
particular reference to the support provided to APPGs.
5 August Email from Mr Ramsdale confirming he had tried to register MR Sport in 2016
and was advised the activity did not meet the criteria for registration. He
confirmed that the APPG support role remained unchanged and provided
further information about Three Lines Sport Ltd and communications
undertaken on behalf of APPGs.
5 AugustEmail from ORCL confirming the Registrar’s guidance for APPGs has been
updated since 2016, and asking for further clarity on communications with
5 AugustEmail from Mr Ramsdale, checking whether to answer the further questions or
to use as a guide to consider whether to register.
6 AugustEmail from ORCL requesting a response to the questions for consideration by
the Registrar.
6 AugustFull detailed response from Mr Ramsdale.
9 AugustORCL advises Mr Ramsdale that the Registrar has concluded his investigation
and that the entities undertaking consultant lobbying should join the Register

09 August 2021

Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists